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Chairwoman: Jennifer Johnson

Vice Chair: Michele Tackach


Sean Early

Betty Spencer


Christine DiNizo

Jane Conner


Judith D'Amico

Lori Griffith


Monica Townsend



Helena Gaither

Sean Kaplan





Kaitlyn Anthony

Brianne Rabouin-Strasser


Kaitlin Tackach

Michele Tackach





Jerry Terrones


The Middlesex Borough
Democratic Committee

Our goals are simple: encourage the civic participation among all Borough residents, regardless of party affiliation, and elect Democrats to public office. We do this through our 20 committee members who represent each of the 10 districts.

A committee member's responsibility is to:   
  • Advocate for the residents of their district and bring forth their issues to the committee-at-large, so the party can determine how to address those concerns
  • Assist the party in selecting highly qualified candidates who are dedicated to continued advocacy for Borough resident needs and who maintain the Democratic principles overall
  • Identify supporters within their jurisdiction
  • Campaign for the selected Democratic candidates
  • Help register eligible voters
  • Be involved in improving the community as a whole
The term for Democratic Committee member is four years, but an individual can resign at any time for any reason by submitting a written letter to the Chair. To join the Committee, you must be a registered Democrat in Middlesex Borough.
Middlesex Voting Districts.png
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